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More than your regular I.T. Guy!

There's Not Much,
That we Don't Do!

This might seem like a very broad brush to paint with, but over the years we've seen it and done it all. Technology is very interconnected these days and sometimes you need a jack of all trades IT Professional. That's us! When you need someone to go to, your Goto IT Professionals have got you covered.

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What We Do!


Computer Support

From minor computer issues to major software or hardware problems. We've solved them all.

If your computer is slow, has a virus or has completely crashed we can get you back up and running quickly. Regular maintenance and updates are key and we can help every step of the way.

If it's time for your old computer to be put into permanent retirement, we can also help you find a cost effect replacement!


Internet and Wifi

While we don't provide internet, we can get you connected and running with your home Cable or Wifi networks!

We can setup any number of Wifi Access Points or internet connected technology you might need assistance with!

Need to extend your internet out to a Barn, out building or something far away? Well, we've got you covered!


Websites and Landing Pages

Does your growing small business need an online presence? We can help!

We build clean, modern and affordable websites to bring your business, association or charitable organization into the 21st century.

Give a shout today and let's get the conversation started!


Other Installations

Need some peace of mind after hearing about break-ins and robberies in your neighborhood?

We professionally install security camera systems of all makes and models to suit your Home, Farm, Cottage or Business needs

If your tired of your spotty, expensive and slow rural internet, we will help you with getting setup with SpaceX Starlink so you can surf the internet in style!


Managed IT Services

Do you run your own business? We can help you save money. For real. No gimmick.

A smooth running business needs smooth running infrastructure. Your computers, printers, office network and Wifi are integral parts of your business and need to be taken care of proactively.

We will assess your needs and immediately begin to implement changes that will save you time and money.

Support Contracts Available, 24/7 monitoring and Emergency On Call Support


On Site and Remote Support

The days of the computer repair shop are slowly disappearing.

We can meet remotely and solve your issues without even leaving our office.

If for some reason that doesn't work, one of our professionals will gladly come to your home or business to repair your technology in person!

Curious how we can help save you time and money? You should be!

Give us a shout, we would love to get to know you!